Sunday, June 6, 2010

Powered by the sun

Coincidentally this week I had two solar energy experiences. At home we had our shiny new solar panels installed on our roof then connected to the grid. A meter displays how much power is being generated and inspires visions of lower energy bills. Very satisfying (even though we had to wait nearly a year from time of ordering and payment to installation).

And on Sunday I spoke/preached at Bentleigh Uniting Church at a service to dedicate their new 6KW system. It was an excellent occasion. They are reporting significantly reduced power bills and a greater level of energy awareness. A simple energy-audit showed them how to make immediate savings. It's something every congregation, agency and school should consider doing.

I'm going to try to put up the talk/sermon on this site (not sure quite what catagory it fits into - but it was in the 'proclamation' slot in the service). Apart from the obvious environmental pluses for such a scheme, I like solar panels as a metaphor for prayer and worship and any activity that fosters a sense of the presence of God. God's grace and love pour forth constantly to sustain creation, seeking an answering love. What God looks for in us is an attitude of receptivity, openness to the blessing of God. The grace of God becomes the power for mission in Christ's name and way.